Vagheggi Lime Vitamin C Eye Contour Mask 15ML


Vagheggi Lime Vitamin C Eye Contour Mask 15ML

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A no rinsing, anti-stress mask to counter dark circles, bags and signs of dehydration on the eye contour! Caused by an alteration in microcirculation and lymphatic flow, stress, lack of sleep and aging can alter these exchanges, the capillaries become fragile, and the lymphatic flow slows down leading to localized edema.


Stabilized vitamin C: a lipophilic system preserves and stabilizes vitamin C. It has antioxidant and illuminating properties. It stimulates collagen synthesis, prevents cell damage and protects DNA.

Whole sweet orange juice from Calabria: a juice extracted from both the peel — which is rich in essential oils that protect the juice from oxidation and bacterial contamination — and the pulp — which contains pectin, a polymer that forms a natural protective capsule around vitamin C. The specific extraction technique (pasteurization) allows the whole juice to stabilize vitamin C at high concentrations. No information is specified on its action, while the action of vitamin C has already bee specified.

Lime essential oil and butter: nourishing and limonene-rich lime essential oil and butter from Mexico; with antioxidant properties, they activate microcirculation, soothe, reduce discomfort and promote a sensation of wellbeing.

Calendula oil: a nourishing oil with healing, re-epithelizing and soothing properties.

Jojoba oil: a skin-friendly oil rich in natural antioxidants. It
has nourishing and protective properties.