Skin Consultation- 15 Minutes


Recommendation for new clients/existing clients to diagnose your skin type/concern and provide you with expert advice on how to manage and achieve optimum skin health, this will be followed with your suitable facial prescribed from your skin health expert. (redeemable on products)

Express Facial - 30 Minutes


For busy people on the go that need a quick fix, you can pop in for a quick rejuvenating deep cleansing facial and revive your skin before you get back out to the real world.

Relaxing Facial - 1 Hour


Pamper yourself with a Rejuvenating vitamin infused Facial including a double cleanse deep exfoliation , steamer Mask & nourishing Massage.


Medik 8 cosmeceutical technology is specifically designed to be suitable for people with sensitive skin without ever compromising efficacy, treating acneic skin, redness-prone, hyperpigmentation, and more.

Medik8 Teenage Facial for problamatic skin - 45- 60 Minutes


Ozone /deep exfoliation/extractions

Medik8 Classical Facials- 1 Hour


Each of the Medik8 facials provide an intense rejuvenating, restorative and relaxing experience for the entire face, neck and decolletage. Medik8 facials cater for all skin types and deliver real results, leaving you with a beautiful radiant complexion and complete satisfaction. Each include double cleansing, exfoliation, steam, face and decolletage massage, serums, mask, eye and face moisture and spf protection - Beta Facial –Acne, Red Alert-Sensitivity, White Balance –pigmentation, Hydration – dry dehydrated skin.

Vitamin C radiance - 75 Minutes


This is the the ultimate timeout /destressing facial infused with vitmin C and essential oils this also includes a fruit enzyme peel and is the ultimate "pick me up for dulle tired skin".

Executive Power Exfoliation-40 Minutes


This includes a fruit enzyme peel in combination with a chemical light peel.

Medik8 Light Peel - 30 Minutes


A mild peel treatment for acne skin and lightly wrinkled skin or pigmented skins - effectively diminishing excess sebum, signs of ageing and light scarring.

Medik8 Advanced Specific Peel - 30 Minutes



Eye Peels - 30 Minutes


An Ultra Gentle yet effective solution chemical peel created for use on under eye for treating fine lines , wrinkles and hyper pigmentation with minimal down time -for best results we recommend a course of 6 treatments buy a course of 6 and only pay for 5 $300.


Vagheggi is synonymous with professional phytocosmetics. Choosing Vagheggi means choosing to rely on natural active ingredients.

Lime- Vitamin C - 60 Minutes


Anti oxidant and Brightening This is a Vitamin C enriched high performance facial with anti-oxidant benefits to protect and brighten. From the lime fruit, all the energy and benefits of vitamin C guarantees to give all skin types a regenerating, brightening, strengthening and moisturising effect. Vitamin C combined with Calendula and Jojoba helps to calm, soothe and hydrate. To maintain results obtained with the Vitamin C Treatment, we recommend using the Vitamin C line at home.

TREATMENT INCLUDES: Double Cleanse, Vitamin C & Zinc Toning Water, Exfoliate (Bamboo scrub), full facial massage with Vitamin C Massage Oil infused by a cool infusing High-Performance Peel off Mask, Eye Cream and Vitamin C Cream to finish.

Delay Infinity - 60 min


High Performance Facials Peptide Anti-Ageing &Nourishing treatment. A complete preventative anti-age treatment to preserve the condition of skin that is showing its first signs of aging. Based on biological cell communication, Crocus a peptide and key ingredient in this line is sourced from the bulb of its flower which ignites growth factors and stimulate collagen and elastin. Specific massage techniques boosted with high contents of Vitamin A & E aid the connective tissue for an immediate lifting effect. The high-performance Gauze Mask saturated with Violet Rice high in anti-oxidants power and the mask laden in Hyaluronic Acid aids to drench and hydrate the skin. Delay Infinity provides 5 levels of nourishment: Almond, Jojoba, Macadamia, Avocado Oils and Shea Butter to ensure the skin looks radiant, elastic and smooth.

75.15 High Performance - 90 Minutes


Reactivate Youthful Skin This is a high performance anti-aging treatment for mature skin types to forcefully fight skin ageing. The valuable active of Pistacia Lentiscusis used to stimulate proteins important for collagen production. Vitamin A, passionflower high in Omegas, Hyaluronic and Shea butter work in synergy to rejuvenate, hydrate and reactivate youthful activities in the skin. Overall the skin appears redefined, plumped and densified with a visible lifting, anti- wrinkle effect. To maintain results obtained with this premium anti-ageing treatment, we recommend using the 75.15 line at home.

THIS PREMIUM ANTI-AGE TREATMENT INCLUDES: Double Mask, Double Massage Treatment includes Anti-age Cleansing, Precious Toner, Precious Oils Face Scrub, Plumping Anti-age Ritual Massage, Activating Cool Gel Like Mask on face and eyes completed with massage, High Performance Infusing Peel off Mask, Eye Contour Cream and Lifting Day Cream to finish.

Emozioni Plus - 60 Minutes


Essential Lines Facials Relieve And Soothe The Skin This is a hydrating, Anti-inflammatory treatment specific to relieve, soothe and protect delicate and/or intolerant skin. Soothing ingredients such as B5,Allantoin, Hyaluronic as well as Anti-oxidant protection from Green tea and Blueberries which hydrate, brighten, moisturise and protect sensitive skins. This treatment is a great choice for any reactive skin types as it brings immediate relief and comfort to inflamed skins. To maintain results obtained with the Emozioni Plus Treatment, we recommend using the Emozioni Plus home care regime specifically prescribed by your therapist.

TREATMENT INCLUDES: Cleansing Mousse, Calming Tonic Dew, Active Smoothing Booster, Intensive S.O.S Booster, Soothing Facial Massage, Calming Mask, Eye Cream and 24hr Hydration Cream to finish.

Balance Esssential Line - 60 Minutes


Suitable For Young And Mature SkinsThis treatment is all about balancing out oil and water in the skin which includes a brightening and healing Enzymatic exfoliation that is gentle but effective to clear oil, blackheads or a build-up of dead surface skin. This customised treatment will attend to dilated pores, shine, uneven patches ,blemishes and act as an S.O.S treatment for normal skins that break out, due to stress and hormones. To maintain results obtained with the Balance Facial treatment, we recommend using the Balance home care regime specifically prescribed by your therapist.

TREATMENT INCLUDES: Enzyme Cleansing, Enzyme Exfoliating Peel, Active Booster Serum, Spongy Healing Mask, Mattifying Hydrating Lotion, Trace Mineral Booster and Mattifying Cream.


A unique dermabrasion technique using diamond tip technology to smooth away fine lines, refine pore size and minimize skin imperfections. This non-invasive treatment removes the dead and damaged skin cells from the epidermis to stimulate a rejuvenating response from the skin’s deeper layers.

Diamond Peel Treatments are the best option for those who do not want any downtime after their treatments, as there are minimal side effects and results may be visible after only one session. A treatment series is highly recommended for clients seeking the best results to address skin aging and resurfacing massage, hand and arm massage, serums and moisturise topped off with  spf sun protection.

Microdermabrasion only - 30 Minutes


Microdermabrasion with Facial - 60 Mintues


Microdermabrasion with Light Peel - 75 Minutes


Enzyme or Chemical


Derma needling and why it is great for Anti-Ageing. For our skin to look and feel youthful our cells have a natural turn over time to renew and regenerate, this is over a 4 week period. As we age our natural skin turn over time slows down generously which causes our skin to lack volume and firmness, therfore accelerating the ageing process.

THE TREATMENT Derma needling has been created to enhance our skins natural cell rejuvenation to help stimulate new healthy cells and collagen. This is caused by slightly damaging the older cells to increase a healthier growth factor to produce more collagen to plump through to the surface. This is fantastic for acnes scarring, open pores and lightening pigmentation and overall anti- ageing results anywhere on the body. This is a non ablative treatment with no down time and minimal after effects. A minimum of 6 treatments are required for better and more noticeable results. Our skin normally absorbs products between 20-30% before Derma needling, but after having a coarse of this treatment our skin can then absorb 3 time more product, resulting in rapid change within the skin and more results.

For best results we recommend using Retinol and Vitamin C Serum 2 weeks prior to commencement 

Micro needling only - Per Session


A course of 6 treatments is required 4 weeks apart and having a chemical peel in between Is recommended

Micro needling only - Pre Pay


Prepay a package of 3 for $499 this is a saving of $167.00. A course of 6 treatments is required 4 weeks apart and having a chemical peel in between Is recommended

Micro needling only - Package Price


This includes 3 x micro needling sessions 3x peels or microdermabrasion treatment in between micro needling sessions, 1x aftercare pack CSA essentials Medik8 Kit worth $350. We offer Genoa pay so this package is available in a payment plan paid over 10 weeks.


New Zealand is the home of Manuka Honey and Manuka & Kanuka essential oils – world renowned for their unique healing and antibacterial properties.

UMF™ Manuka Honey upon penetrating skin, has the unique ability of analyzing the nature of skin to act appropriately in re-balancing skin back to a healthier state, our formulations are quite simply natural , safe and effective.

created by nature, captured by Skin Deep.  UMF Manuka Honey – A luxurious system of preventative and corrective products and treatments. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey……

Signature Express Honey Facial - 30 Minutes


When your skin looks and feels like it’s lost its vitality – this quick, replenishing, detoxifying facial leaves it looking and feeling smoother and refreshed. Deep cleanse, exfoliate, honey gel mask and moisturise.

Skin Deep Honey Signature Facial - 75 Minutes


100% NZ Manuka Honey, a natural skin soothing & hydrating remedy has been incorporated into a unique facial. The hydrating property of honey, using a warm honey, is infused into the skin by brushing over pure, natural honey and rosehip wax. When lifted, the honey will have reverted to honey crystals that are used to gently exfoliate. The treatment is completed with a massage - a richly soothing experience

Honey Soothing Facial - 40 Minutes


A refreshing and intensely hydrating tonic treatment that boosts and strengthens stressed tired skin. This treatment utilises the healing properties and re balancing vitamins found in UMF Manuka honey. Soothing and calming, Aloe Vera restores skin back to a healthier state. Ideal for hydrating sensitised skin (sunburn, dermatitis), slowing premature ageing, and calming overactive sebaceous skins in oily skin

Kiwi Enzyme Mud Facial - 40 Minutes


This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Kiwi enzyme mud mask is the idea treatment for problem skin- the deep cleansing draws out impurities and pollutants, improving skin tone and texture


Glycolic belongs to one of the groups of acids known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and is a naturally occurring AHA derived from sugar cane. It has the smallest molecular structure out of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids, so it penetrates more easily into the deeper layers of the skin. Glycolic is the most widely used AHA, is more active and acts rapidly with faster results. It is the preferred choice for increased cellular turnover and collagen and elastin stimulation which makes the skin firmer thus treating fine lines and wrinkles effectively.


Like Glycolic, Lactic is also a naturally occurring AHA and is derived from sour or fermented milk. Due to their safety and effectiveness Glycolic and Lactic are two of the more common peel solutions. While both have similar actions and results, their molecular weight and size are slightly different. Lactic Acid has a larger molecular structure than Glycolic so it penetrates the skin more slowly and has a longer reaction time which means it is less likely to cause irritation. It is a good choice for first time peelers, darker skin tones or those with sensitive skin, including Rosacea. Lactic Acid is considered to be the more effective exfoliating agent and is the preferred choice to fade hyper pigmentation.

Face and Neck


6 Treatments Prepay receive one treatment free



6 Treatments Prepay receive one treatment free

Face, neck and chest


Facial Addon



Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proved therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime.

From the first treatment, Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerns for the face and body with lasting and visible improvement. Discover the benefits of  Dermalux as part of your essential skin health regime.

Medically CE Certified for:
• Acne
• Wound Healing
• Psoriasis
• Pain (Musculoskeletal)
• A range of cosmetic indications including Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Redness.

Clinically proven Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm delivered via single wavelength LEDs ensure targeted light delivery into the skin. Wavelengths can be selected as individual or multi-wavelength treatments. 

LED 30 Minute Session


Addon with Facial


How can honey can play an important role in re-balancing skin to create a healthier, more vibrant outer appearance?
  • Irritated, inflamed, acne congested skin

honey soothes, calms and arrests infection.
honey accelerates tissue repair and reduces scarring.


  • Dry, taut skin

honey softens, hydrates and strengthens.
dramatically improves skin hydration.


  • Post glycolic

honey instantly soothes and works toward growing healthy new skin cells.
reduces the appearance of capillaries.


  • Ageing skin

honey helps diminish fine lines by delivering nourishment and hydration to underlying skin structure.
it significantly supports and tones skin’s structure.


  • Oily skin

honey contributes towards sebum regulation and even improves the skins texture, firmness and tone.

What is Dermaplaining ?

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that utilizes a specialized instrument designed to “scrape” away the accumulated dead skin cells and vellus hair. It is a very comfortable, relaxing procedure that can be combined with other services to improve their efficacy.

How often Should Dermaplaning be done ?

It is recommended to have a treatment every 3-4 weeks to maintain results and continue to see improvement in pigmentation, skin tone and texture while diminishing acne scars. Results are cumulative so your skin will continue to improve each time you come.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning ?
  • Immediate improvement to skin tone
  • Skin will be softer to the touch and smoother in appearance
  • Brighter complexion with a more youthful glow
  • Active ingrediants in skin care products penetrate more deeply improving your skin health
  • Make-up glides on easily so less is needed to look your best
  • Great for all skin types and colours
  • Will not aggrevate telangiectasia or the most sensitive skin types
  • Helps reduce blackheads and enlarged pores
  • Can be performed on clients using Retinols
  • Minimal risk of post – procedure breakouts
  • There is NO downtime
  • Removes peach fuzz