Vagheggi Balance Trial Kit

Vagheggi Balance Trial Kit


A beauty routine kit for combination and blemished skin with four precious cosmetics with purifying, mattifying and moisturizing action. Ideal for a complete face care that effectively fights pimples, dilated pores, blackheads and excess sebum.
For a matte effect on the skin that lasts all day.

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This Kit Includes:

Cleansing Scrub 30ml
Gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it fresh, silky and moisturized.

Active mattifying cream 15ml
Moisturizes and purifies facial skin, refines skin texture and gives an immediate matte appearance.

Active Concentrate 2 x 2.5ml
Smoothes imperfections and evens out the complexion with an immediate astringent and moisturizing effect.

Sponge Mask 10ml
Soothes, corrects imperfections, absorbs excess sebum “like a sponge” and has a deep cleansing and sebum regulating action. The skin looks fresh, smooth and even.