Classic Body Sunscreen Spray SPF50 Guava Mango

Classic Body Sunscreen Spray SPF50 Guava Mango


• 70%+ certified organic ingredients
• Broad spectrum SPF 50 protection
• Water resistant (80 minutes)
• Continuous spray-on application
• Ultra-sheer
• Rich in antioxidants
• Hypoallergenic
• Naturally scented and unscented options
• Vegan
• Reef Safe/Reef Friendly

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A spray that slays! Our organic Sport SPF 50 Continuous Sunscreen Sprays have your back—and every other inch of your skin with a bottle that keeps misting even when it’s upside down, making it easy to cover your entire body. This sheer, water- and sweat-resistant organic formula is packed with antioxidants and skin-nourishing ingredients, and absorbs fast with no greasy feel. So you can play hard without any slippery residue.