Bella Vi Delicate Anti-Aging pack

Bella Vi Delicate Anti-Aging pack


  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Dermatologically tested & approved for sensitive skin
  • Certified Madesafe Non-Toxic
  • All Bella Vi’s products are designed to work together.

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Bella Vi skincare collection pack is a delicate antioxidant-enriched leading skin repair system with effective extracellular anti-aging reparative properties containing bio-active and soothing ingredients which rapidly absorb into the skin, helping healing and restructuring at a cellular level. Experience the Bella Vi deep hydration difference.

Gently cleanse with our Cleansing Milk then hydrate with Crème De La Crème day & night.

A Treatment for your skin AM or PM with the healing and restructuring “Crema masque” (can be left on to absorb into the skin) giving your skin protection from environmental aggressor while offering further anti-aging skin benefits.

‘Sensitive skin’ is a term used to describe skin that has a reduced tolerance to the application of products. Sensitivity, and the facial redness it can lead to, is often a result of a weakened surface layer of skin but can also be associated with changes in the capillaries caused by sun damage.