La Bella Vita Beauty Therapy

Free Bikini Wax

It’s Cervical Screening Awareness Month!
We would like to raise awareness for Cervical cancer. Fewer woman than ever are attending their smear tests.

Cervical Cancer can be detected by ensuring you go for your cervical smear tests…. which we know a lot of girls are mortified at going for as they’re too embarrassed or scared. It’s only a 5 minute test that may save your life.

Being a wax specialist I see many of you ladies who admit you haven’t been for a smear or too scared to do so, yet, you have me wax you for 20 minutes??

I’m willing to offer every girl who has been in for their Smear Test Appointment a completely FREE OF CHARGE Bikini Wax….

All you have to do is bring in your receipt from your smear and your Bikini wax will be 100% free of charge!
Go for it!!!! 💜