Vagheggi Rehydra Intensive Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Vagheggi Rehydra Intensive Moisturizing Cream 50ml


This range is especially suitable for skin that is prone to dehydration, which needs to boost hydration. It is highly effective at protecting facial skin when wearing a mask.

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An intensive moisturising treatment for immediate re-balancing of very dry or dehydrated skin. This product includes the extract of the Resurrection Plant, which survives in extreme desert conditions, associated with extract of Voandzeia subterranea, which grows on the banks of the Nile and Tamarindus Indica, used to stimulate the skin barrier to naturally hold onto its internal water. Its nourishing texture, rich in Illipé Butter, also offers protection against the environmental agents. It is to be considered an “anti-age” product (ideal for moisturising skin over 50-60) and recommended in extreme weather conditions.