Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Cooling Serum 30ml

Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Cooling Serum 30ml


Gives immediate freshness and soothes the skin in any situation of discomfort and gives it a silky appearance thanks to the turmeric and zanthoxylum extracts and hyaluronic acid. Excellent makeup base

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Specifically developed for sensitive skin types, the Emozioni Plus phytocosmetics range uses innovative strategies to treat the imperfections associated with sensitive skin: dryness, reactivity, dilated capillaries, micro-imperfections and uneven skin tone as well as subjective sensations such as ongoing or occasional itching, tingling and discomfort. A condition characterized by a low tolerance threshold resulting from an exaggerated skin nervous system response, a thin horny layer and abnormal free radical production, which causes micro-inflammations. The Emozioni Plus range strengthens the skin barrier, helps protect the capillaries, controls oxidation and restores skin health.